Bezpłatny trening personalny w FitNow

We would like to invite you to free personal training!

You’ll know:

What are your strengths? How to work on your weaknesses?

What does effective and safe training look like?

What should you do to start body transformation?

A chance to experience journey – journey to yourself, your body, abilities and limitations

Trainings in an intimate studio on Zabłocie, Kraków. Without crowds that are typical of popular gyms

Get a handful of valuable information about nutrition

An hour of focusing only on You and Your goals. That’s an individual training – 1-on-1

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  • Some people keep asking, so we’ll repeat, just in case: yes, trial training is free. Moreover you’re not obligated to do anything. You don’t have to sign anything, agree or declare you’ll visit us for the second time. Didn’t like the trial training? No problem, we won’t be trying to convince you.

  • Trial training lasts 1 hour and is not exhaustive. It gives answers to some important issues. First of all, you’ll know our studio and coaches. Secondly, a coach will help you with defining your needs. At this point you don’t have to be sure about your goals – maybe you already know them or maybe the discussion with the trainer will make up your mind.

  • We’ll invite you to our intimate studio at ul. Zabłocie 25/bud 5L

    Trener Personalny Kraków FitNow
  • Not so much. You’ll need comfortable sports clothes – top, long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, leggings, shorts or trousers. Sports shoes can be useful, although some people prefer to train in socks. You can also bring a bottle for filtered water which is available in the studio.

  • For more information about our trainers and studio please visit . If you want to talk, write us an email or call: | 517 567 981

  • Training at FitNow means 60 minutes (and sometimes even more) of focusing on You. Your trainer (and yes, now you can call him/her “My trainer”) will take care only of you all that time. He/she will be explaining patiently how to train in an effective and safe way. Your coach will show, answer Your questions and dispel any doubts.

We’ll help with losing unwanted kilos,

We know how gain better effects from trainings,

We have hints of how to eat so that weight won’t stay the same,

We’ll draw up a training plan,

We’’l show how to use gym equipment,

We’ll give the kick in the pants to motivate you,

We’re dealing with pain. We’ll tell you which body parts to start working on and explain the benefits you gain from this.

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